18, 2, 2 and 4

That’s 18 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 steals!  That’s a pretty stellar line for a guy that barely played last season.  By now you might have guessed if you checked the box scorers or watched highlights of opening night that  I’m talking about Ronnie Brewer.  Who?  To me, I only knew of this guy a coupld years ago as a friend in school told me about him, so I added him on Facebook.  I figured he’d be famous one day, and then I could brag to my other basketball junky friends that me and Ronnie are boys.  So far, so good!  Starting at shooting guard next to Deron Williams, Brewer held his own against Baron Davis and the athletic Warriors of Golden State.  If your like me, you already knew this guy had potential to break out this season with all the minutes available to him.  I drafted him in fantasy, and he’s already proving he’s worth more than what he was valued at.


 Amongst some of the top sought after free-agents left in the pool is Morris Peterson.  A lot of talks have sparked, but Mo isn’t ready to just dive into a team yet. The one team that seems to have the best chance is the Utah Jazz.  Why I say this?  Firstly, with Derek Fisher leaving, there is a large gap in the roster, even for someone to start at shooting guard.  After being practically benched in Toronto over the past season, Mo Pete will be looking to get starter like minutes with whoever he signs with.  Why not be a starter with a Western conference contender?  Who wouldn’t want to be one?  I surely would love to take the vacancy, but between school and a girlfriend, who has time these days?  If you actually look at what Mo has to say about the Jazz, he appears to be quite interested, and almost enthusiastic about joining the team.  He was quoted saying:

But their style reminds me of Michigan State.”  Well hey!  That’s is just the place where Mo and the Spartans won the national championship.  That was probably the last time he was the go-to guy.  He loved coming off those screens to take a jump shot.  Now that he has NBA experience, why wouldn’t the Jazz want a guy like that coming off their screens, hitting all those shots?  They certainly would!  The only drawback as to why he might not sign with the Jazz is money.  New Orleans, who seems to be the other top contender for Mo Pete’s services, could potentially wave more money in front of him.  They could also promise him more minutes.  The one thing they can’t promise is contender status.  Since Mo isn’t that old yet ( only 29 ), he might be looking for the money.  When all is said and done, I still see Mo heading west to the Jazz.  It would be an intelligent move on his part, and would be setting himself up for a title run.  This is one guy I will be anxiously awaiting to see where he lands when all the players can officially be signed, on Wednesday.  Only 2 days to go…

Is there anything this guy can’t do?