Someone nominated me for the Best Sports Blog as well as the Hottest Mommy Blogger.  I think the person that nominated was referring to my Hottest Hoops Wife articles!  Either way, thank you soooo much for the nomination. I am really flattered and it just makes me want to keep writing and writing.

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In honour of my man Kobe Bryant, I’m putting up a solid Top 10 Kobe Dunks….I personally love Sean Elliot and Steve Nash getting jumped over…ridddddddiculous!


As all the rumours are floating around, Kobe Bryant and his beautiful wife Vanessa are on the verge of separating.  All the Clutch 3 readers may remember Mrs. Kobe from the very first “Hottest Hoops Wife” article a little while back.  I’m not sure what the deal is between then, but no pre-nup was signed, so Mrs. Kobe will be a very rich single momma.  On the other side of things, is this symbolic of what’s to come?  Are the Lakers and Kobe ready to divorce?  If you ask me, I don’t think so.  I still don’t see where he’s going to go.  I think we’ve seen the last of the big trades after KG went to Boston.  Could you really see Kobe throwing out the first pitch anywhere else than in LA?  I don’t think so, and I doubt the guy is a great baseball player to start with.  Laker fans, get ready for another season of Kobe stardom. I’ve already got him at the top ( well, top 3) of my fantasy draft.  Gotta love em.

Check out Mrs. Kobe here.



Ok, Ok, wait. Last week, I gave the title of The Hottest Hoops Wife to non other than Mrs. Kobe Bryant, aka Vanessa Bryant. Not that I’m wrong, but I have found someone that makes Mrs. Kobe look silly. Everyone, I would like you to meet former player Rony Seikaly’s wife, Elsa Benitez. Why not Mrs. Seikaly? Well, this my friends is due to her own notoriety from her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover. Yes, that ugly muck Rony pulled it off. This guy is blessed. I never really saw much of him in his “good” days on the court. All I remember is a guy playing for the Orlando Magic who had a harder time hitting free throws (worse than Shaq, I swear). Anyways, maybe I can hit a free throw, but this guy has one up on me for this SI knockout. Kudos Rony…Kudos.

…Mrs. Kobe Bryant.  To be exact, Vanessa Bryant!  She really is a piece of work.  If you do your reserach too, you can find out what  a lot of the player’s wives looked like. Check out this post by HoopsVibe.  Great work with all the research to those guys.   I had the pleasure of sitting next to Mrs. Rasheed Wallace at a Pistons game once.  If I can dig up the picture, I will post, but lets just say she wasn’t all that enthusiastic about taking it.  Sheed deffinitely knows how to dress her up in Gucci and Gold.  Without further adue…Mrs. Kobe….



Is she the top or is there someone even more worthy of this title????