The “sweepstakes” for Grant Hill have been narrowed down to five, now that the Raptors chose the younger Jason Kapono with their midlevel exception. Since GH probably would take a pay cut to win a championship, it’s all about the best fit. Why not put on an old jersey and take a stab at maybe getting his jersey retired in Detroit? Maybe the latter is a long shot, but the Pistons would be a great fit. Since the Pistons traded Carlos Delfino, there is an opening for some minutes behind Tayshaun Prince. He’d bring a great energy off the bench, and Flip Saunder’s half court offense would be too demanding on his aging body. With Miami and Phoenix, Hill’s ankle is due for another breakdown trying to run alongside Nash or Wade all season long. The Spurs are a great option but, with Ginobili coming off the bench playing both two and three positions, there’s not a lot of potential for GH to get any minutes. And lets just face it, he’s not going back to Orlando. Why would he? Why else would he move back to Detroit? Maybe wife Tamia might want to move closer to home (across the river in Windsor, Ontario). I guess GH’s decision will come down to who’s wearing the pants in his house, him or the wife?


Should we expect to see GH back in Motown? Would anyone even buy his jersey?