A Great Start!

November 18, 2008

It’s been a while…ok…a long while since I’ve signed in, but I’m still here and had an itch to speak a little bit about the season that is.  Only a few weeks in and I can honestly say that it’s been pretty incredible.  The Lakers WERE perfect, Nash got suspended for getting in on a brawl (Us Canucks are pretty tough too!) and Iverson has become a Piston!  And how could I even forget to even mention the Atlanta Hawks?  I can’t get enough of these guys.  When I get home to Windsor, Ontario next month, I will be sure to pick up a pair of tickets to see the Hawks against the Pistons.  Hopefully by then AI and the Pistons will have their game figured out, because right now (ie: after watching the Suns victory) they Pistons look terrible.  Rip Hamilton looks like he will be the slowest to adapt.  A lot of fire power in that back court nonetheless.  But Atlanta…wow!  It was only a matter of time before all these guys started maturing and playing some incredibly entertaining basketball.  Joe Johnson has been a favourite of mine for a while now.  The most incredible part of their season has been that they have done it all without Josh Smith, numero uno!!!  They will be a tough team to beat, but like all teams that finally emerge, they will not have enough guys on their team with playoff experience to emerge deep in the East.  They really should pursue a few veterans to take on the leadership role.  Could you imagine a Gary Payton in that locker room?  Me neither!

But there are still the PJ Brown’s,etc.

Anyways, I’m out