As a fantasy die-hard, I am sure I’m only one of many that seems to be wondering “why did I pick Baron Davis?” I’m not just saying this based on his past couple games absent due to injury, but rather he has not brought enough statistical success to levels that he should have ( with the exception of turnovers haha). His averages are barely at par with his career, and he’s at a point between the prime of his career and nearing the decline stage. Essentially I’m trying to say he should not be averaging 17, 8 and 3 but rather at least 22,10 and 4. He should be a top point guard in this league, worthy of a first or second round pick in fantasy drafts (larger leagues). Unfortunately, he hasn’t proven himself worthy of anything near this consideration. Partially, his decline in productivity is due to adapting to his new environment. Davis has commented that his initial year with a new team always is less productive (as was the case in Golden State) but how can a point guard not work with the players around him. It’s not like he’s not surrounded by fantastic talent. With Marcus Camby and Zach Randolph, his assists should be in double digits. These two bigs shoot a good percentage. For many of us, we’re thinking “is there going to be an upside to good ol B Diddles?” I personally think so. I don’t think we’ll see it before the All-Star break but I do see Davis increasing production after the break when he has the full team back (Chris Kaman) and can adapt to all the main guys on the team without any absences. From a fantasy point of view, if you don’t have him on your team, this could be a good chance for you to buy low. Players in your league (like me) are disgruntled with him and might just want to get rid of him and part ways with 3-11 shooting nights. Although you might take an initial hit, this could pay much higher dividends come later in the season when it really counts!