I’ve gotta give a little credit to my man Bill Simmons over at ESPN.  The guy writes a great article (although he does do it for a living, so it better be damn good!).  His most recent post was about, of course, the KG trade.  Check it out here.  But as he’s describing his take on the situation, he made a fantastic poker analogy that I thought I’d share.

When talking about Danny Ainge taking a risk on the trade:

“For Ainge, the Allen trade was going all-in for the flush and the KG trade was getting that fifth diamond on the river. Of course, he’s also the reason we were low on chips in the first place, but that’s the thing about poker — even during the most dire times, you’re always one lucky hand away from turning things around. ”

I’m sure all poker fans out there are smiling right now, saying “mannnn that was deep!”