What ever happened to the days when us fans used to associate a player with a certain move. In particular, the one name that will always be in my head is Tim Hardaway. This man made himself famous via his “Killer Crossover”. When Timmy was in him prime, he was crossing up all defenses like it was his job (which is was). That crossover was something that all ball fans tried to re-create, myself included. It was just a crossover between the legs, and then cross back over to the other side again. It was so simple, yet everyone that ever guarded Tim fell for it. It was so powerful. The more I thought about it, I realized you can compare Tim’s “Killer Crossover” with various superheroes and their superpowers. The crossover really was Timmy’s superpower. Does it compare on the same level as Superman flying? Or Spiderman climbing walls? When you think about, these guys were saving lives and the world. Tim Hardaway was saving his team, and giving fans all over the NBA something to rave about. In my books, they’re directly comparable. Now that we have that on the table, we can question where did this type of fun hype in the league go? Well MJ had his turnaround fadeaway, but that was probably the last of the cool moves. I guess you can say no one has a “signature” move anymore (talking wrestling terms). It’s kind of depressing. Those types of moves are what fills up arenas and make the young fans continue the dream of wanting to play professional ball. I think I speak for all fans when I say I look forward to the next “Killer Crossover!”

Will anyone be as creative as these guys?
hype it up!