It’s been confirmed by many sources that everyone’s main Chinese man Yi Jianlian has signed with the Milwaukee Bucks. How damn long did this take? Since he held out, there’s now an extra high expectation for him in training camp to come out and be a phenomenal player. I never saw this coming to such a peaceful conclusion. I thought there was going to be government demands in China, etc etc. And what happened to Yi needing some love? I’m sure Milwaukee’s Asian population has not changed since Yi said he wanted to play in a larger market. Or has it? Maybe the Bucks shipped in some fresh eye candy for his pleasure. I remember reading that when the Superbowl came to Detroit last year that there was a mass influx of prostitutes to both Detroit and Windsor, Ontario (across the boarder). It was something in the thousands. Could it be possible that the Bucks told Yi’s camp that they have flown in some potential? Probably not, but hey, it’s fun to think about it.


It’s official that Mo Williams will be staying with the Milwaukee Bucks for the next 6 years! Now, if you read my blog before, you might have noticed how I thought it was a mistake for Mo Williams to stay with the Bucks (check it here). After pondering the whole situation for a while, I realized theres more to the whole situation. In Miami, he would have teamed with Shaq and DWade, but the Heat are still short in talent as a team, and they really are affected by the injury bug on a regular basis. I did say that they would be championship material with Mo Williams, and I will stand by my word. I truly do believe it. Why I have a slight change of heart comes down to one thing, LOYALTY. The Bucks are starting to build up their team a bit (just acquired Desmond Mason too), and by Mo Williams staying loyal to the Bucks, it will attract other talent, such as Mason. Loyalty also comes with a big fat cheque. For six years worth of service, Williams will receive $51.5 million. The question is, are the Bucks going to make it to the Heat’s level within those 6 years? Well, not this year. If they can acquire some more power up front, or if those front guys, like big Charlie V, start to develop, than ya, these guys will be contenders. Moral of the story: Loyalty pays…a lot!


After posting so many responses to all the Mo Williams articles, I thought I should write one of my own.  I just need to get it off my chest.  On the Buck’s side of things, they must be overjoyed right now.  Imagine how screwed the Bucks would have been without Mo Williams? Now, imagine how much happier Williams would have been if he went to the Miami Heat? I don’t know how long Williams stayed in school for, but man these guys need to stay in longer so they can start making some better decisions. What is extra millions when you’re already making over $5 million a season? At that level, a championship is worth so much more. If he possibly stayed in school a little bit longer, he might have been able to figure that out.  Now, some of you might be saying, “Well, obviously his agent guided him through this in order to make the right decision.”  But come on guys, do you think an agent really cares what team his player is playing for?  Of course not! If his player is putting up huge numbers or impressive number (see our good friend Mo Williams) then all the agent can see is dollar signs.  They just want their client to go where the money is.  That is there job.  A player in Mo’s shoes should be thinking championship.  A championship point guard will demand even more money than probably deserved (ie: Tony Parker, etc).  Overall, as you might notice, I think this is a HUGE mistake on Mo Williams part, and a huge victory for his agent.  Congrats buddy!

nba_g_jianlian_195.jpgAs somewhat breaking news from the boys at ESPN, Yi’s party has stated that he is willing to sit out an entire season in order to re-enter the draft next year, or in hope that the Bucks will trade him this season. This guy really hates normalville USA. It’s kind of insulting in a way, but makes perfect BUSINESS sense. I hope he gets booed more than Vince does at the Air Canada Centre. He deserves it. Buck fans, time to bow goodbye to Yi. Peace buddy