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November 9, 2007


1)      Ben Wallace still sucks.  If you caught last night’s Pistons/Bulls game, you’d notice how he still seems to think it’s a better idea for him to a take a shot, rather than someone of the Luol Deng or Ben Gordon type.  As well, you would have noticed that in crunch time, Big Ben was nowhere to be seen on the floor.  Was he worth it, Chicago?

2)      Baron Davis is one of the most underrated players in the league.  Hopefully this guy can stay healthy the whole season.

3)      I feel like Nene has yet to go a season without an injury.  Is this true?

4)      Miami is in dire need of a D-Wade comeback.  Shaq just isn’t Shaq anymore.  He’s just a plain oversized human being who’s pretty good at basketball.  He’s not a force anymore and the man is out of shape.  Wait until you see the difference D-Wade makes on a team. 

5)      You gotta love watching Richard Jefferson snagging all the points and rebounds in New Jersey over Vincanity.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Vince fan at heart, but with RJ taking all the spotlight right now, you know it’ll force Vince to work hard to get back into his own spotlight.  I expect Vince to go on a big tear, along with the Nets.

6)      Who’s going to stop the Celtics?


I’m sure you all know by now that Ricky Davis was traded to the Heat today.  How did this happen?  In the process, the Heat got rid of Antoine Walker.  Did the TWolves still think that Walker was in his prime?  I hate to bring a glimpse of reality to the TWolves, but Ricky Davis still has game.  He actually made my list of potential sleeper picks in my fantasy draft.  He was bound to be the go-to guy in Mini this season, probably average around 20 points a game.  Now the Heat have what I like to call All-Star security.  With Shaq and Wade constantly being in injury problem, the Heat now have a guy that can take on a leadership role when those two are out.  Beyond that, they’ll have Davis coming on the floor instead of Antoine Walker.  This is a total win for the Heat!  As for the TWolves, what the hell were you guys thinking? 

On a side note, doesn’t Ricky Davis look a lot like Ludacris?


On another side note, Kevin McHale is probably the worst GM I’ve ever seen!!


Great Links!

August 16, 2007

As not too much is going on in the league, there’s not a whole lot to report on. Here’s a little taste of what everyone’s saying:

Tim Donaghy. Honestly, I’m sick of hearing about the guy. We all knew he was guilty. Check out The Feed’s article about Donaghy:

The Next Stage Of Donaghy-Induced Pain

Gilbert Arenas has posted another article on his blog. To me, he is hands down the best blogger out there. Still keeping it real. Check out End of the Bench’s article:

Did Gilbert Arenas Pay for the Whole Wedding?

Rumours are still circulating that Mike Bibby might be traded to Miami. I don’t think it’s worth it for Sac, as they won’t be gaining much. Check out the Basketball Blog’s article:

Will the Kings and Heat make a Mike Bibby trade?

Little Mark Cuban apparently got in a fight 15 years ago. It’s pretty funny article when you picture Cuban in the situation. Check it out at his blog, Blog Maverick:

My Last Fist Fight

Brandan Wright of the Warriors has his own blog. I love hearing about new players trying to keep up Agent Zero. Check out Golden State of Mind’s article:

Brandan Write?


I’m praying for it, and I know you are too.  Back in the days when Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway was dominating the league with the Orlando Magic, alongside Shaq Diesel, Penny came out with a series of commercials featuring a “mini-me” named Lil’ Penny.  At the time, these commercials were hilarious!  They were the first good NBA player commercials in my books.  And this brings us to today.  Most of us have forgotten about Penny, due to him suffering from injuries over the years.  But this could be the comeback of the century!  Penny signed with the Miami Heat today.  Okay, it won’t be anywhere near the comeback of the century, but Penny could provide a decent scorer off the bench.  I’d take him over Antoine Walker any day.  Penny signing with the Heat seems appropriate with all the oldies rumoured to make a comeback (ie:  Allan Houston and Reggie Miller).  I put him in the same category seeing as how he’s barely played in the past couple years.  But I feel Penny still has something to prove.  I think he still has some game left, and could show it if given the opportunity.  I hope the Heat give him some minutes and by mid-season we will be seeing more Lil’ Penny! 


It’s official that Mo Williams will be staying with the Milwaukee Bucks for the next 6 years! Now, if you read my blog before, you might have noticed how I thought it was a mistake for Mo Williams to stay with the Bucks (check it here). After pondering the whole situation for a while, I realized theres more to the whole situation. In Miami, he would have teamed with Shaq and DWade, but the Heat are still short in talent as a team, and they really are affected by the injury bug on a regular basis. I did say that they would be championship material with Mo Williams, and I will stand by my word. I truly do believe it. Why I have a slight change of heart comes down to one thing, LOYALTY. The Bucks are starting to build up their team a bit (just acquired Desmond Mason too), and by Mo Williams staying loyal to the Bucks, it will attract other talent, such as Mason. Loyalty also comes with a big fat cheque. For six years worth of service, Williams will receive $51.5 million. The question is, are the Bucks going to make it to the Heat’s level within those 6 years? Well, not this year. If they can acquire some more power up front, or if those front guys, like big Charlie V, start to develop, than ya, these guys will be contenders. Moral of the story: Loyalty pays…a lot!


After posting so many responses to all the Mo Williams articles, I thought I should write one of my own.  I just need to get it off my chest.  On the Buck’s side of things, they must be overjoyed right now.  Imagine how screwed the Bucks would have been without Mo Williams? Now, imagine how much happier Williams would have been if he went to the Miami Heat? I don’t know how long Williams stayed in school for, but man these guys need to stay in longer so they can start making some better decisions. What is extra millions when you’re already making over $5 million a season? At that level, a championship is worth so much more. If he possibly stayed in school a little bit longer, he might have been able to figure that out.  Now, some of you might be saying, “Well, obviously his agent guided him through this in order to make the right decision.”  But come on guys, do you think an agent really cares what team his player is playing for?  Of course not! If his player is putting up huge numbers or impressive number (see our good friend Mo Williams) then all the agent can see is dollar signs.  They just want their client to go where the money is.  That is there job.  A player in Mo’s shoes should be thinking championship.  A championship point guard will demand even more money than probably deserved (ie: Tony Parker, etc).  Overall, as you might notice, I think this is a HUGE mistake on Mo Williams part, and a huge victory for his agent.  Congrats buddy!